We have analyzed the total ingredients in each of the Youngevity 90 for Life Packages and ranked them accordingly with an explanation of the benefits of each package.

Serving sizes were determined by dividing the entire contents of the package by 30-days.  Example: If one package contains 60 capsules and another contains 180 capsules of the same product, the serving size of the package containing 180 capsules of that particular ingredient would be considered 4Xs greater than the package containing 60 capsules.

Each package contains at least (2) products.  One is the Mineral/Vitamin/Amino Acid Complex Compound and the other is the Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) product.  Because the EFA product is oil based it cannot be mixed with the 1st product and must be packaged separately.  The (4) Complex compounds that we use in our basic health packages include:

  • Ultimate Classic
  • Tangy Tangerine
  • Beyond Tangy Tangerine – Tropical Punch
  • Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 – Peach
  • Beyond Tangy Tangerine Tablets

To see the complete ingredients of each Complex Compound in a side by side comparison click here.

Clemson University recently did a Clinical Research Study of our Ultimate Classic and Beyond Tangy Tangerine.  To see the press release on the results of the study click here.

Here is a list of the Youngevity Mighty-90 Packages.  They all provide the 90 Essential Nutrients at a minimum.

    1. ESSENTIAL Mighty 90 Pack 
      We used the Essential 90 Pack as our baseline package.  The following packages were then compared to this package.
    2. CLASSIC Mighty 90 Pack
      Benefits over the Essential 90 Pack:
      Calcium – 600 mg vs. 50 mg.
      Magnesium – 300 mg vs. 20 mg.
      Zinc – 15 mg vs. 2 mg.
      Phosphorus – 80 mg vs. 0 mg.
      Manganese – 5 mg. vs. 0 mg.
      Iron – 4 mg vs. 1 mg.
      Biotin – 300 mcg vs. 600 mcg (100% daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet).
      Not as palatable.
      The additional calcium may be beneficial for several health conditions.
    3. BASIC 90 for Life Pack
      Benefits over the Essential 90 Pack:
      Contains 500 mg of fruits & vegetables.
      More than double the amount of  vitamin D3.
      Strengthens the Immune System.
      Has 25% less Vitamin A (still 125% of the daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet).
      Has 25% less vitamin B2 (still 1,765% of the daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet).
      Has 20% less Folate  (still 100 % of the daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet).
      Significantly less Chondroitin (daily value not established).
      If your not religious about eating your fruits & vegetables in your regular diet then we recommend this package.  It contains 115 fruits & vegetables and an ORAC score of 5,745.  So for someone without specific health issues and for only an additional 27 cents a day this package is a clear choice.  The trade-offs are minimal and where established the amounts are still equal to or exceed the daily values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    4. Healthy Start Pack
      Benefits over the Essential 90 Pack:
      Contains 500 mg of fruits & vegetables.
      More than double the amount of  vitamin D3.
      This Package adds a bottle of Osteo FX and a more extensive compliment of EFAs resulting in an additional:
      400 iu Vitamin D3
      1200 mg Calcium
      237 mg Phosphorous
      300 mg Magnesium
      5 mg Zinc
      50 mcg Copper
      1 mg Boron
      250 mg MSM
      100 mg Glucosamine Sulfate KCI
      500 mcg Strontium

The Healthy Start Pack is definitely our choice if you are older or have early symptoms of osteoporosis or arthritis.  If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you have either of these conditions we highly recommend the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack.  The additional calcium may be beneficial for several other health conditions as well.

The following 90 for Life Packages address specific health issues.  The benefits provided by these packages are specific to a condition or health concern that you have.  See Health Disorders by Category  for more information regarding specific health issues related to nutrient deficiencies.

    Especially designed for diabetics and pre-diabetics.
    Designed to provide high antioxidant protection against stress and environmental toxins.
    For people with digestion issues.
    Especially designed for osteoporosis and arthritis suffers as well as those with joint conditions or injuries.
    Oddly as it may sound, many of the same nutrients are required for your heart and circulatory system as are required for your brain.
    We’ve added ASAP to our most popular 90 Essential Nutrients package to combine baseline nutrition with rapid weight loss.  The minerals contained in the Healthy Start Pack will help you with the ‘Cribbing’ effect resulting from your body’s natural instinct to provide itself with the missing minerals and other essential nutrients in your diet.