Product Availability Update

Much of our product is produced in NY which is having extreme slowdowns if not shut downs. As a result Youngevity is experiencing delays in product availability. Youngevity is located in California which is not without its own challenges during this trying time so, please order early and please, please, please be patient. The people at Youngevity are doing their absolute best to keep us all supplied.

Here is a current list of product that we carry on that is on BO from Youngevity and the ETAs (estimated time of arrival).  Please note that ETAs are the estimated arrival dates to the warehouse in ChulaVist CA.  We have seen these dates moved back on a regular basis due to the COVID-19 situation.
Colloidal Silver  ETA 4/13  (we are sold out)
Super Olive Health  4/13  (we have 1 left)
BTT 2.0 Gusset Bag  ETA 4/15  (we are sold out but are still able to substitute 2 canisters for 1 gusset bag)
BTT 2.0 Tablets  ETA 4/22 (we are sold out)
Back in stock:
Killer Biotic
Super Olive Health
Woman’s Hormonal Balancer

Stay strong and be safe,