COVID-19 Virus Updates – Californians to Stay at Home

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered all Californians to stay at home, marking the first mandatory restrictions placed on the lives of all 40 million residents in the state’s fight against the novel coronavirus.

The governor’s action comes at a critical time in California, where 19 people have died and an additional 958 have tested positive for the disease.

The mandatory order allows Californians to continue to visit gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores, take-out and delivery restaurants, banks and laundromats. People can leave their homes to care for a relative or a friend or seek healthcare services. It exempts workers in 16 federal critical infrastructure sectors, including food and agriculture, healthcare, transportation, energy, financial services, emergency response and others.

No time frame was set for when the order would end.

It exempts workers in 16 federal critical infrastructure sectors, including food and agriculture, healthcare, transportation, energy, financial services, emergency response and others.

ACOVID-19 UPDATE from Steve Wallach, CEO Youngevity International

Yesterday evening, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a “Stay At Home Order” that covers the entire State of California due to COVID-19 virus concerns. While that order will cause some businesses in the state to close, it will not cause Youngevity, an essential provider, to close because Youngevity is within the exempt category due to its provision of essential services (e.g., those including production and distribution of food products, water products, medical foods and agricultural products).

In accordance with the Governor’s order for cessation of activities, except those outlined in the CISA list of Critical Infrastructures, which includes essential retail and public safety functions, we will limit our business operations in the short term as follows:

Will Call pick up will be suspended at our Chula Vista, CA location immediately.
Social distancing will continue to be followed. Youngevity has implemented social distancing at our facilities since the first reported cases of COVID-19.

Rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedures will continue to be followed at our facilities, which we also commenced at the time of the first reported cases of COVID-19.

Certain California staff members are already working from home and will continue to do so.
Shipping will continue to occur at the Chula Vista location, but also from multiple locations where possible.

We have implemented a Customer Service Ticket System in your Back Office so you can communicate with Customer Service. This is in addition to emailing or calling Customer Service.

All Distributor support software will continue to operate as normal. Your replicated websites, Back Office, and Distributor commission software are supported off-site and can be operated and maintained remotely.

Our Products include essentials such as Foods, Water, Food Supplements, including those in forms and with nutrients useful as adjunctive support in hospitals and physicians offices, and Agricultural Products.

Our commitment remains to each of YOU. We know our products are very important to so many people. We know many physicians and healthcare professionals recommend our products to the people they care for. We understand the importance of continued access and the burden any disruption of access and delivery may cause.

Our food and health products are primarily made in various parts of the USA (with some also made in Canada, and Australia). We have products in production in all our associated manufacturing facilities across the USA. CLR and Khrysos production is in full force working to produce Coffee and Hemp products and they are prepared to do whatever these teams and facilities can do to assist each of you.

In California over our 23 year history, we have endured mandatory evacuations due to wildfires, mandatory evacuations due to various law enforcement activity in the area, 7.0 earthquake and more.

Together, we have grieved the atrocities of 9/11, we have suffered and endured the pain of the “Great Recession.” And together we will endure, survive and eventually we will thrive beyond COVID-19.

Our goal as of now is to support all of YOU as much as we can; retain and support our team of committed staff, and to come out of this even stronger…together.

May God bless each and every one of you.
Steve Wallach
CEO, Youngevity International