COVID-19 Virus Updates – Free Shipping

We have been searching for several days for a way we can help our customers and subscribers through this difficult time.

This morning our prayers were answered!  We received an Email from one of our financial sources who are waiving our payments, without additional interest or charges for an undetermined period. We believe this will be for 90 days but, depending on the COVID-19 situation, this may vary.  This gives us the opportunity to ‘give back’ to our customers and subscribers.

Upon examining our cash flow requirements, we have determined that we can cover the shipping costs to our customers on all orders over $99.99 for as long as this generous concession from our financial institution remains in effect.

Effective immediately we are paying the shipping on all orders over $99.99 with no strings attached.  No auto-ship required, and any product ordered from is included.  This, together with our current ‘No Sale Tax’ policy amounts to substantial savings.  Couple this with quantity savings on specific products and your Youngevity products have become more affordable than we ever thought we could offer them.

How it works:
When you check out, PayPal will show you Select a shipping method.

  • If your order is over $99.99 the option will be – Standard Shipping – $0.00 USD.
  • If your order is under $100.00 the option will be – Standard Shipping – $X.XX USD the amount dependent on the amount of your order.

If you have questions about this, please contact us.

NOTE: Much of our product is produced in NY which, as you know, is having extremely challenging times. As a result, we are experiencing the delays in product availability that we alluded to in our 1st newsletter.  So, please plan ahead and please, please, please be patient. The people at Youngevity are doing their absolute best to keep us supplied.

Please use good health practices and your God given common sense to stay well,
Bob & Peggy