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Hemp FX® Roll-It
Hemp FX® Roll-It is a fast-acting roll-on gel that delivers 900 mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil in every bottle (300 mg per ounce). Perfect for on-the-go, Roll-It can be applied to muscles and joints to give them a quick dose of highly concentrated PCR Hemp Oil instantly.
Price: $59.95
HempFX-Trio Bundle
Get the full benefits of all the HempFX™ products with our Trio Bundle that includes Relax™, Uplift™ and Soothe™. Each formula contains organically-grown hemp derived cannabinoid oil plus a unique proprietary blend that may help deliver unique health benefits.
Price: $134.95
HempFX™ Uplift™ brings positive energy to your mind and your mood, naturally boosting your cognitive performance and providing sharpness and clarity, to enhance your mind.
Price: $44.95
By delivering a proprietary combination of botanicals, known for their sleep-supporting benefits including hemp-derived cannabinoid oil, chamomile, lavender, valerian, and melatonin, Hemp FX™ Relax™ can target the pathways that help the body enter a state of deep relaxation.
Price: $54.95
Soothe combines the power of hemp- derived cannabinoid oil with skin nourishing botanicals and antioxidant-rich nutrients to suppress the sense of pain, support the recovery process and help ease discomfort.
Price: $44.95