HempFX Soothe

Experience soothing relief and comfort. Achy joints and muscles can prevent you from doing the things you enjoy and affect your quality of life. HempFX™ Soothe™ delivers soothing relief to achy muscle and joints by enhancing a healthy immune response and combating free radical damage. Soothe combines the power of hemp- derived cannabinoid oil with skin nourishing botanicals and antioxidant-rich nutrients to suppress the sense of pain, support the recovery process and help ease discomfort.

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Ingredients & Benefits
Phytocannabinoid Rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil: made from organically grown hemp, cannabinoids may support many aspects of health due to its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and antipsychotic qualities.

Glutathione: found in fruits, vegetables, and meats, Glutathione is involved in many processes in the body, including the building and repair of tissue and immune system.

Ancient Minerals: deliver many benefits that includes anti-inflammatory properties and support with metabolic reactions in cells.

Aloe Vera: this nutrient-rich plant delivers many health benefits including healing and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.

Shea Butter: derived from the Karite tree, shea butter is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that deliver moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and skin soothing benefits.

Menthol: this herbal blend is used topically for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits amongst many other uses.

Lavender: a gentle yet powerful essential oil known for its healing, soothing, and uplifting qualities.

Lemon Grass: a complex essential oil known to support connective tissue and help protect cells from damage.

Birch Oil: an essential oil known for its support to the skeletal system and anti-inflammatory properties.

Arnica Extract: herb that is often used to treat bruises, aches, and pains due to its soothing and stimulating properties.

Peppermint Oil: this essential oil helps stimulate the mental and physical systems of the body.

Copaiba: high antioxidant botanical renowned for its healing properties.

  • Who is it for?
    For anyone in need of muscle recovery, joint relief, improved circulation and performance – especially in physically active individuals. If you are experiencing muscle and joint aches and pains, this lotion may help deliver soothing relief.
  • Why is ours different?
    HempFX™ Soothe™ is made using a proprietary, organically grown hybrid hemp plant combined with soothing botanicals for targeted and highly effective support for achy muscles and joints. Our patent pending extraction & purification methods preserve the natural concentration and diversity of the phytonutrient matrix. This nutrient dense hemp-derived cannabinoid oil is 3rd party tested for safety (0% THC), purity, and potency. When combined with our well-researched, comfort-supporting botanicals, our Soothe™ is highly effective.
  • How does it work?
    The blend of herbal nutrients in this topical cream contain analgesic properties, promoting healthy inflammation, and antioxidants that work with your body to provide soothing relief to achy muscles and joints. It stimulates your body’s natural endocannabinoid system to support receptors which provide immediate relief and health to soft tissue & joints.
  • Best use cases
    After immediate exercise for muscle recovery or following immediate joint injury or pain onset. This cream will work to soothe your skin and immediately relieve pain. It may help reduce soreness by targeting your soft muscle tissues.

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