New Zealand Blackcurrant

The King of the Blackcurrants… the New Zealand Blackcurrant

There are blackcurrants and then there is the New Zealand blackcurrant. I’m sure by now many of us have heard the buzz around blackcurrants and their high levels antioxidants which come from anthocyanins, flavonoics, and polyphenols, which are found in New Zealand blackcurrants. The antioxidant level found in New Zealand blackcurrants is higher than any other commercially available berries, fruits, and vegetables, with more vitamin C than the average orange.

What makes New Zealand superior in the blackcurrant farming kingdom than say Europe or Asia? Some may argue that it’s the soil, while others may say that it’s the weather, or perhaps it’s the combination, whatever the reason is, blackcurrants thrive in New Zealand. Currently, New Zealand produces approximately 12,000 tons of blackcurrants annually.1 Additionally, New Zealand blackcurrants contain higher levels of anthocyanins than those produced by other countries; anthoycyanins have been known to contain anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

There is a great article on, “Kiwi blackcurrants can reduce mental fatigue,” that talked about a study which was conducted by Plant & Food Research showing that an extract of New Zealand blackcurrants high in anthocyanins can help reduce stress. In this specific study, New Zealand blackcurrants were shown to help people stay more alert, reduce mental fatigue and work with greater accuracy while under significant mental stress.2 Participants were asked to watch a series of random numbers and respond when three consecutive odd numbers appeared and it was found that compared to the placebo, taking the enriched blackcurrant extracts helped participants with accuracy and significantly decreased mental fatigue.

Helping with stress and mental alertness is just one of many benefits of consuming New Zealand blackcurrant extracts and supplements. Previous research conducted by Plant & Food has also found New Zealand blackcurrants to have many other health benefits such as supporting immune response and reducing muscle fatigue and damage.

The health benefits of the New Zealand blackcurrant are many. Try getting your dose of blackcurrants with Pollen Burst Plus.

Get your dose of antioxidants! Remember prevention is the key!