Infant Formulas

Pet Foods Contain More Nutrients than Our Infant Formulas – Dog Food has 40 Minerals, Rat Pellets have 28 and Baby Formula…. only 12!

None of our Baby Formulas on the market have lithium, vanadium, or chromium and only two have selenium.

Dr. Wallach points out that pet foods developed by the veterinary community have more of the essential nutrients than our Infant Formulas

I you breast feed take minerals.  If you use a mother’s milk replacement infant formula, supplement it with additional minerals at (1) ts. per 20 lbs of body weight.

Are You Lacking Nutrients – Early Warning Signs

Pain… The Early Warning Sign of Nutrient Deficiencies.

Dr. Wallach discusses the Early Warning Signs

“Pain is the Red Warning Light for your body.  It is telling you don’t use those body parts until you fix them!  Using pain relievers, muscle relaxants, etc. without fixing the joints, muscles and so on that cause the pain is like cutting the wires to the warning light.”

Why You Must Supplement

The 90 Essential Nutrients.

A common recommendation made by most medical doctors is that in order to get all the nutrients necessary to maintain health you must, on a daily basis, eat food from each of the four basic food groups (i.e., meats and proteins, fruits and vegetables, breads and grains and dairy products).

Dr. Joel Wallach challenges this belief when lecturing on health and highlights the reasons why it is practically impossible to get all the nutrients (especially the minerals) necessary to prevent disease by eating food from the four basic food groups.  Dr. Wallach argues that an unfortunate consequence of the American public’s faith in the four basic food groups has been a huge increase in the incidence of chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. over the past 40 years.

The key points of Dr. Wallach’s argument are:
There are 90 nutrients essential to human health.

  • A deficiency in any one of these nutrients can lead to or cause, on average ten diseases. For example, a deficiency in copper can lead to premature gray hair, aneurism and stroke.
  • The 90 essential nutrients fall into four broad categories: amino acids; fatty acids; vitamins; and minerals.
  • If you eat a disciplined, well rounded diet you can get all the amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins you need.
  • It is practically impossible to get all of the minerals you need regardless of what kind or what quantity of food you eat.

Why is this so?

Human beings ideally get minerals by eating foods such as vegetables, fruits and grains. However, such foods are grown in soils which are massively deficient in minerals, a fact which is documented by the findings reported at the 1993 World Eco Summit in Rio De Janeiro.

Minerals serve as catalysts for the body’s ability to use amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. Therefore, without the necessary mineral co-factors it is unlikely that we are getting the maximum benefit from these nutrients. 


You must take mineral supplements to achieve optimal sustainable health!  Many Americans already take mineral supplements but most do not realize that there are three different types of mineral supplements each varying greatly in their absorb-ability and their potential to become toxic:

Metallic minerals – These minerals are similar to the kind found in rocks and soils and are only 8% to 12% absorb-able. They can build to dangerous levels, accumulating in fat, liver and brain tissue. Most tablet-form minerals such as Centrum, Theragram and One-A-Day are of this type. A metallic mineral is not organic in nature. Consequently, the body has a very difficult time absorbing it, and eliminating what it can’t absorb.

Chelated minerals – These are metallic minerals which have been bound to a carrying agent (usually an amino acid or enzyme) which assists in the absorption of the mineral in the small intestine. This method, patented in the 1970’s, makes metallic minerals much more absorb-able (35 to 45%) and much less potentially toxic to the body.

Organic Colloidal Minerals – These minerals have been processed through a plant and have undergone a biochemical transformation which makes them extremely absorb-able (90% to 98%) and non toxic. Specifically, when a mineral is drawn from the soil into a plant via its roots, the process alters the mineral’s bio-electric charge, changing it from positive to negative.

Because the linings of our intestines carry an overall positive charge a natural magnetic gradient is created across which the mineral is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Metallic minerals, on the other hand, do not undergo this biochemical transformation and therefore remain positively charged. A positively charged metallic mineral can cause problems for the body.

The body is designed to recognize and use minerals in a organic colloidal form and will automatically rid itself of any excess. By contrast, the body has more difficulty recognizing positively charged minerals. As a consequence they tend to accumulate in the body to sometimes dangerous levels. This is why metallic arsenic, for example, has been found to be 65 times more toxic than is organically bound arsenic.

Buyer Beware: Don’t be fooled into buying mineral supplements that simply claim to be “colloidal.” The term “colloidal” refers only to the very small particle size of the minerals used in these products. A far more important determinant of both the absorb-ability and safety of a mineral is whether or not the mineral is “organic” (i.e., derived from plant sources). Organic colloidal minerals are up to 20 times more absorb-able and non-toxic when compared to inorganic colloidal minerals. It is a sad fact of the marketplace that many of the products being marketed as colloidal minerals are, in fact, inorganic colloidal minerals!

There are over 100 million copies of Dr. Wallach’s Dead Doctor Don’t Lie tapes and CDs presently in circulation worldwide. We’re including a copy of “The Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” CD with the purchase of Dr. Wallach’s book “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”.  To order go here.

The message it contains has generated intense public interest in colloidal mineral supplementation. Unfortunately, few products on the market measure up to either the spirit or the intent of what Dr. Wallach advises. Some companies, for example, get their product from inappropriate sources, from ancient sea beds or clay deposits rather than directly from plants.

Some companies water down their minerals or spike their product with metallic minerals to boost spectrographic readings. There is, however one company, one line of organic colloidal mineral supplements that towers above the rest. Not surprisingly it is Dr. Wallach’s very own line: the Majestic Earth line of mineral supplements. When it comes to your health and the health of your loved ones insist on the best:

Youngevity Majestic Earth!

  • Majestic Earth Minerals come directly from plant sources.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals are not watered down.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals boast the highest quantity as well as the highest quality of organic colloidal miners on the market.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals are uniquely formulated to maximize bio-availability.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals are vegetarian friendly
  • Those Majestic Earth Mineral products which are sweetened are sweetened using only those natural fruit concentrates lowest in sugar.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals are sold with a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals are subjected to rigorous quality control measures before they are ever allowed to reach the public.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals are of such high quality Dr. Wallach, himself, has staked his own good name and reputation on them.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals are dependably consistent in terms of nutrient profile and concentration.
  • Majestic Earth Minerals ARE SIMPLY THE BEST CHOICE when it comes to organic colloidal mineral supplementation!